31 ways to celebrate Black History Month UK

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

We're challenging everyone to celebrate Black History Month UK in a different way each day of October!

International Black History Month is commemorated across the world in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands. We’ve been celebrating it in the United Kingdom since the 1980s and we’re challenging all our supporters to celebrate Black British History in a different way each day of October.

Here are 31 ways you can celebrate #BlackHistoryMonthUK this month:

1. Join us and help amplify the voices of Black people living in the UK

2. Support a Black business

3. Visit the Black Cultural archives in Brixton, London

4. Donate or Sign up to a Black British organisation

5. Host a Black movie night (or marathon if you have the stamina!)

6. Spend time with a Black elder in your community

7. Read a Black British author (our recommendations)

8. Host a Black British History Quiz (why not try one of our quizzes)

9. Support the Black British media and press (check out our Black British movies and TV shows recommendations)

10. Sign up to mentor a vulnerable Black child in your community

11. Subscribe to a Black British social media influencer

12. Explore Black History in your local area

13. Decorate your home in Black art

14. Share our Black British history videos on the Bristol Bus Boycott and Lewisham Mums against SUS laws

15. Read the biography of an influential Black figure

16. Schedule some me-time to recharge your batteries if you’re dealing with casual racism at work or any other environments

17. Visit a Black exhibition in your local museum or library

18. Host a Black History Month UK themed dinner party

19. Engage in healthy conversations about Black British history on social media

20. Suggest a Black author for your book club

21. Attend or host a Black culture event in your community

22. Study the history of the African diaspora across the globe

23. Contribute a blog to a Black media outlet

24. Try a new African or Caribbean recipe

25. Book a Black History walking tour

26. Donate blood

27. Listen to the Dope Black Mums podcasts and Dope Black Dads podcasts

28. Explore some Black British music from the past (you can start with our Spotify playlist!)

29. Learn about an unsung Black British hero

30. Register to vote

31. Change the profile picture on your social media accounts to our Black History Month UK 2020 avatar

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